A Change of Heart

Originally this post was a long, bitter rant about how resistant we’ve become to an intelligent debate and our penchant for devolving into varied versions of sticking out your tongues when logical fails. Having been the recent recipient of sarcasm for having an opinion, I wanted to let it all out. But I’ve decided negativity is not going to be what this blog is about – there’s enough of it everywhere else.

I want, instead, to use this beautiful Sunday afternoon to sip some chamomile tea (our current favorite) and write about all the little energizing things that go unappreciated. Here are a few of my favourite things (a la Sound of Music)

  • A hot, comforting home-cooked meal (especially if my mum’s the one making it!). There’s nothing like it to perk up a crappy day.
  • Some extra lovin’ from the stray puppy I’m obsessed with (I seem to find one everywhere we live!). One particularly unforgettable one was christened Khujlee (the itch) by us – she was itchy the whole darn day. Madam’s sass was the stuff of legends and we loved her to bits.
  • Taking a break from being an adult and ‘vegging out’ on the couch to watch animation movies or cartoon shows (remember Looney Tunes?)
  • Books that are too irresistible to put down until they’re completely read
  • The hypnotic quality of the seaside
  • Babies and toddlers
  • Writing for the love of it
  • Music – the kind that transports you, invigorates you, soothes you
  • Uncomplicated people who exude positive energy
  • Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas
  • Decorative lights!
  • Ugly-sweatshirt-and-jeans days as well as sari-for-a-friend’s-wedding days
  • Conversations with the mister
  • Ideas!
  • Having friends or family come over for dinner or overnight stays (the chilled out non-critical ones)
  • Waking up to a sprouting seed in the garden or a ripened cluster of cherry tomatoes
  • A well-deserved Sunday nap after an especially tough week
  • A brilliant cup of filter coffee
  • Haunting a specific cafe
  • Catching up with an old friend
  • Random, feel-good karaoke sessions when home alone
  • A good movie – anything but horror, please!
  • Hearing Malayalam or Bengali or Tamil being spoken out of the blue

I’m sure there’s more but I’m too sleepy to think straight. Off I go to aforementioned Sunday nap. Have a great holiday season folks!


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