In Sickness and in health…


Warning: This is as random as a post can get.

I’m every man’s dream right now (and hopefully you know me well enough to know this comment is dripping with sarcasm). In my jammies, sitting next to a bag of used tissues, snorting and coughing my way through work, listening to an endless loop of Disney songs for comfort. The electric kettle is used relentlessly through the day – green tea with honey, instant soup, hot water with honey, ginger tea with honey, plain hot water….it’s endless. Anyone who visits me around now will be served an endless barrage of soups through the day – pumpkin, carrot, peas, rasam, what-have-you.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, I’m enjoying the annual edition of…..drumrolls……laryngitis!! The voice is in mid-transformation stage. By tomorrow it should be up to squeaky/breathy/hoarsely male. How fun.

Everyone has an illness protocol. The husband’s protocol is get medicines, sleep, wake up to be fed by yours truly, sleep, wake up to clean up, eat, medicines, sleep, repeat. He’s quite an easy patient that way. No whining, no drama. Yes, I really got lucky with him.

I know plenty of people who really up the ante on the dramatic behavior when they’re ill. Ranging from simple attention-seeking to massive soap-opera type histrionics. The illness protocol for them requires an army of strong, well-coordinated, zen-like caretakers who can swat away yelling, screaming, insults with not a care. More often than not, these caretakers end up needing a long vacation after said patient recovers!

Mine usually ranges from a couple of hugs in a day to Whatsapp messages to check on me. If it’s a migraine, I don’t even need that – just food, medicine and a dark quiet room. I remember having food poisoning every semester in Manipal where I did my Masters. I felt most cared for (in that time) the year I lived with M. She kept food ready for me and watched over me without even being asked! Gives me warm, fuzzy feelings every time I think about it 🙂 If you’re reading this, thanks so much Manj. You were the closest thing to having my mum there – and that’s a compliment!

Another ‘sick’ memory I have was when Lady Diana passed away. I was undergoing a massive round of tonsilitis and I remember crying through the telecast of her funeral (yes I was that kid). Armchair parked in front of the television, a sobbing heap of phlegm and tissues. Lovely picture, ain’t it?

I wish I had a dog to cuddle up with, in sickness and in health. Over and out.


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