In pursuit of authenticity

masks-40963_1280How many times have we felt that a certain person was ‘fake’? Yet, how many more times have we put smiles on our faces when we’re raging inwardly? Or tried to express sincerity when what we wanted most was to be done with that situation or person?

As a content marketer I constantly see instances of brands putting on a charade in order to be the preferred choice. What I’m noticing now is that it’s just an extension of human behaviour. It took me the best of my 30 years of being alive to really understand why people ‘faked it’. To conform, to adhere, to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved.

The irony of that? Inauthenticity is very quickly discernible, like smoke from a fire. We are conditioned to immediately dislike and distrust people who aren’t being authentic. Even if the reality is that the lack of authenticity is caused by some kind of deep need or fear.

At some point I suppose we need to ask ourselves if it is worth being someone other than our true selves just to fit into another’s notion of ‘normalcy’. Were we given the gift of life to be slaves to opinions of those who don’t understand us anyway?

We are who we are, warts and all. We are saints and devils, faithful and dishonest, charitable and malicious, joyful and aching, certain and insecure, all at once. No reason to be anyone other than who we’re meant to be.


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