Sometimes, life experiences process slowly culminating in epiphanies that alter behaviors or outlook on life. Here’s what occurred to me last night at the peak of an anxiety attack

a)      People are imperfect and capable of disappointing. And that is not unnatural.

b)      No one person or thing is worth sacrificing good health or peace of mind over. This one probably seems more like a ‘duh’ realization but for someone who has been programmed to be pleasant all the time and obsess over perfection, this one’s a biggie.

c)       Displaying emotion (warmth, anger, sadness) takes effort. One should decide what qualities people need to demonstrate to earn the right to evoke those emotions.  The idiot who crashes into you in traffic and accuses you doesn’t require to know the emotion in your head. He needs to see your no-bullshit side. Don’t bother wasting effort on people who won’t do the same for you.

d)      Those who take others for granted need a reality check.

e)      The act of ‘understanding’ is very different from the act of putting up with unfairness.


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