House Arrest

The long and crazy semester finally got to me or rather to my digestive system. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the third round of stomach infection in 18 months. This time around I don’t even have the horrendous mess food to blame it on. So while most of the class is off spending a well -deserved break at home during the study leave, yours truly is busy spending time zonked out in bed waking up only for meals and meds.

Today’s the fifth consecutive day I’ve spent holed up in our little apartment.I must say hibernation has never appealed less to me than it does at this point.A few movies, lots of idling online and a little reading and you’ll be just bursting to step outside and get some fresh air.

I was watching Finding Forrester last night (for the zillionth time) and strangely every time I watch it, some different dialogue jumps out and makes a whole lotta sense.Like for instance when Forrester tells Jamal that the absolute best moment is when you finish the first draft of your book and you read it by yourself before the rest of the world decides to tear it down and critically analyse every single word you’ve written and decipher your life through that.Forrester then says that he decided right then that one book was enough.

That dialogue, though simple enough, provides a key to the character’s behaviour and also probably what crosses a writer’s mind some time or the other. It definitely does seem like what’s been stopping me from blogging all this while.It’s more the thought of what will the readers think after reading this and what will they conclude about me.Because the truth is people try to read between the lines even when there is nothing complex about it.Its kinda stupid but true.Infact some lazy ones use friends’ personal blogs to keep up with whats going on in their lives. Quicker than an email or an instant msg,they’ll tell you.

It’s strange that readers’ opinions should matter so much to me here in Manipal than when I was back home.Stranger still because this place has the shallowest opinions/friendships/relationships I have ever seen.It should be called BratVille instead of Manipal.Its as if everything about the place is one big ad to mostly those who want to bring out their worst in themselves.

“Want to be an alcoholic/druggie/psycho/useless good-for-nothing?Come to Manipal!”

Anyway I’ve lost my train of thought, thanks to intermittent FarmVille-ing and Cafe World-ing.Here’s to more frequent blogging (hopefully!)


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