Random stream of consciousness

Its been ages since I’ve blogged. Even the start of a new blog apparently wasn’t inspiring enough.But frustration is a good enough inspiration for right now.Also more than anything else I just want to get this blog started 🙂

What do you do when you’re in what seems like a permanent state of disconnect?You don’t know the people around you well enough and the ones that do (or did) are too far away to reach out to. It’s  quite a task to explain everything to have the person on the other end of the phone so she/he can relate to what you’re saying. All that’s left is the disconnect.And where do you go from there?Pretend like nothing’s wrong?Or go on super-aggressive fix-it mode?Are you supposed to feel bad about it or accept it with a pinch of salt and keep going on anyway?

What does one do when its very apparent that the people you know are going to make their exits because life in all its sadistic humour is going to bring plenty of opportunities to say goodbye?Do you go through each day preparing to bid farewell or just block it out of your mind?

All the mess aside I think Roomie and I are getting better at ridding the house of insects.Colour, shape, size no bar. We’ve developed an efficient whack-and-spray system. I whack, she sprays (or vice versa). Maybe we should get into contract insect killing business…

Workload keeps piling up.Few feeble attempts and a lot of puffing later, I’m still pretty much where I started.

There’s been major wallowing in the past of late.Minus all the teenage angst of course.The obsessive coffee shop hopping is deeply missed as much is the music and reading.Most often the music and Tamas.

Insomnia apparently is contagious

Amy Lee has a brilliant voice.Absolutely brilliant.The guitaring sounds wonderful in Broken.

The last thing people need when they’re bursting to talk to someone is to be pinged on gtalk by someone who is biologically incapable of listening and has to go on and on about some random mundane details.

The thesis material just sits on my hard drive everyday like an old neglected memento collecting dust.

Weekend rolling around means time again to do the laundry, spruce up the “crib”, catch up on assignments, cook…existence cannot get yuckier than that.And this post cannot get more uninspired 🙂


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